Veams – Brand naming agency in the Netherlands. 
*Adrian Luijkx – Founder naming firm Veams 
Veams® is a specialised brand naming agency for brand names in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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Introducing a new brand name in the Netherlands can be hard. And a lot more problematic if you get it wrong…Names can carry all sorts of emotions and feelings with them. Will it do your business justice? Will it resonate with your customers? Does it mean anything rude in Dutch? Does it fit the culture? Is it pronounceable? Does it have the right domain name? We can address all those questions. 
Veams is a specialised brand naming agency in the Netherlands. Every year we launch dozens of new brands for all kind of businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. 
We can help you launch your new brand in the Netherlands, from name strategy, name generation to legal searches, name registration and trade marking. We help you find a name that fits the Dutch and/or Belgian marketplace. We also collaborate with Dutch branding agencies for extended services.

Our Work // Over 100 Dutch and Belgian new brand names.

Contact // Veams – naming agency for brand names in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Adrian Luijkx – Founder, managing director Veams  
Address: Visserstraat 36, 9712 CW Groningen, The Netherlands. Location.
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Visserstraat 36, 9712 CW Groningen, The Netherlands

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